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Premium Anti-Condensing Mouth Mask Clip | Buy 2 Get 3 Free

Premium Anti-Condensing Mouth Mask Clip | Buy 2 Get 3 Free

Premium Anti-Condensing Mouth Mask Clip | Buy 2 Get 3 Free

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No more cleaning your glasses!

We brought the solution to the biggest problem of wearing a surgical mask. Breathing and getting your glasses foggy is uncomfortable and dangerous at the same time. Our featured mask clip can easily be placed inside the mask to block the fog.

So no more foggy glasses cause their ergonomic design and material make it possible to not let the fog be created whenever you breathe inside a surgical mask. It perfectly blocks the fog so you can focus the task ahead.


Redirecting the Flow:
The clip straightaway redirects the hot air coming from our breathing ventilating it safely into our lenses.

Non Disturbance:
With no more foggy glasses you can drive, work, exercise, and focus on your task better and safely.

Exception Material:
High-grade silicon manufacturing makes it safe to wear all day long does not reach your skin odorless and non-toxic.

Breathing Made Better:
Adding this inside the mask increases the width resulting in open space for better and healthy breathing.


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