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Luxury High Quality Crown Bracelet

Luxury High Quality Crown Bracelet

Luxury High Quality Crown Bracelet

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Worn by the Kings!

Made and handcrafted by pros from the finest of material imported from overseas. These three sets of the bracelet are individually handcrafted with quality, elegance, and spark when worn all three give a kingly expression to your style.

Comes in pure gold, silver, and coal all forged from the finest and purest of material. The bracelet has a small glowing crown in the middle and has a roman counting number representing the roman history of kings.


Pure Metal: Made of 99% pure material making it resistant to corrosion and dust to retain its shine forever.

Kingly Expression: With a golden crown in the middle and roman numeric number gives a kingly expression to your style.

Elegant and Shiny: The bracelet looks super elegant, royal and has great shine looks brand new all the time, and adds a sparky look to your style.

Lightweight and Compact: The bracelet can support wore sizes of 18 - 19 cm. The bracelet is lightweight and comfortable to wear.


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