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Luxury Drawer Egg Storage Box

Luxury Drawer Egg Storage Box

Luxury Drawer Egg Storage Box

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Store your cartons of eggs easily and safely in this deluxe storage box!

The deluxe egg storage box has a unique drawer design which ensures a high capacity and that the storage box is dustproof and moisture resistant. The drawer has room for two trays of eggs, saving space and preventing eggs from rolling and colliding. The storage box features ventilating holes on both sides which ensures that your eggs stay fresh.


Drawer design.
The egg box has a unique drawer design, pulls open smoothly , is not only convenient, but also dustproof and moisture-resistant.

Space saving
The egg storage box can be stackable stored, is neat and beautiful, space-saving and keep your fridge organized and clean.

The long grooves fit the shape of the egg and prevent the egg from rolling and colliding, causing the egg to break.

High Capacity
Our new egg storage box has a capacity for a layer of 18-20 eggs and can solve the problem of storing eggs.


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