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Professional Measuring Gauge for Workmanship

Professional Measuring Gauge for Workmanship

Professional Measuring Gauge for Workmanship

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Precise work is now possible!

Precise results matter in every work field. Now you can duplicate any shapes directly with this measurement tool that instantly creates templates for curved and irregular-shaped objects. Ideal for laying floors, cutting carpets, ceramic shaping, and tool manufacturing.

The tool has a roller on front and an area of pencil or marker in the center and the length between the roller and marker can be adjusted. The roller bumps the surfaces which creates exact measurements according to the length preferred.


Beginner Friendly: No complex options just place the pencil adjust the length and start measuring different objects.

Precise Measurements: The placement and functions make it possible to get exact 10/10 measurements to get perfect work results.

Every work Field: A handy tool for laying floors, ceramic shaping, house building, tool shaping, and cutting carpets is a must to have tool.

Compact and Lightweight: The tool is created to be handy and beginner-friendly is optimal in size, compact, and lightweight easy to carry with you all the time.


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