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Electric Shock Flashlight for Self Defence

Electric Shock Flashlight for Self Defence

Electric Shock Flashlight for Self Defence

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A must-have safety gadget!

Save your life and your money while outside. Keep bag snatchers and thieves away from you by giving them a shocking treatment with this electric teaser device that also features a powerful LED flashlight. The device is small, lightweight and has an ergonomic design.

The gadget has a high voltage to electroshock the attacker at night. Don't worry it won't kill him, but gives a shock so he'll never come back again. Also is a flashlight to give strong vision at night. The appropriate gadget needed for the dangerous night times.


Works with keys
The electric decoy is made portable and small which makes it easy to carry with you also it can be common with your keychain.

Imminent shock
With its high voltage shock enough to give a painful shock to the attacker, drop the plug when the attacker finally leaves you.

Charge anywhere
Has a compatible port for easy charging anywhere, connect it to a laptop, charger or your powerbank keep it ready at all times.

Illumination in the dark
Teaser is multi-functional including an LED Flash that is bright enough to provide much needed visibility at night.


More than 8230+ satisfied customers have been provided with a highly functional Electric Shock Flashlight for Self Defence.

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